Emergency Response Training Centre

Queen Vicher, RN, BN

  • Founder & CEO of Cardiac Response YYC Ltd.
  • Canadian Registered Nurse (licensed to practice in various
  • Contract Clinical Educator at Mount Royal University

Hey CardiacResponders! Thank you for your time visiting our website. My name is Queen; the person behind the scenes of Cardiac Response YYC Ltd. since 2017.

I am an Entrepreneur. By profession, I am a Registered Nurse.

As a Registered Nurse: I was rewarded with my Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing at Mount Royal University. The unique combination of science and arts resulted in an immense magnetism to this profession. Perhaps, I have innate qualities and traits of a nurse. I have spent most of my nursing practice in the Internal Medicine and Critical Care Adult population. I also taught clinical nursing where I gave emphasis on critical thinking and clinical judgment to bridge the gaps between theory and practice.

As an Entrepreneur: I am the founder and CEO of Cardiac Response YYC Ltd. located at 76 Skyline Crescent NE, Calgary AB. Cardiac Response YYC is an Educational Emergency Response Training offering courses & services such as, but not limited to, BLS, ACLS, PALS, Standard First Aid, etc. We serve the population in Calgary and surrounding areas in the province of Alberta.

Cardiac Response YYC Ltd’s humble beginning started in 2017 as a home-based; we were known as CardiacResponse.YYC. Losing a number of people from heart attack & cardiac arrest motivated me to proactively educate people with the importance of Basic Life Support to help decrease its prevalence.

You might have heard of the saying, “Knowledge is power”. As Benjamin Franklin had said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends”. Hence, Cardiac Response YYC team ensures that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to successfully participate in the skills practice.

As the founder & CEO, my ultimate goal is to make a difference in the minds of the young by yielding a positive trajectory with their own efforts.

Through word-of-mouth, CardiacResponse.YYC was able to expand its clientele. This allowed us (1) to continue to serve more people, and (2) giveback to the community (*see vlogs for giveback initiatives).

In 2022, CardiacResponse.YYC transitioned to Cardiac Response YYC Ltd. This was made possible due to the continued support and commitment we received from you (CardiacResponders) and the community! We were able to open our doors at our new commercial location.

We love enriching people’s minds by imparting our own knowledge, skills, and experiences through education.

Cardiac Response YYC team ensures that we effectively educate and train our learners. This is evident in years of maintaining a great clientele retention. We are dedicated to allotting needed time and efforts in providing high quality education and hands-on training in a safe, nonjudgmental, open, and positive environment.

Your success is our success!


Emergency Response Training Centre

Cardiac Response YYC is an Educational Emergency Response Training Centre in Calgary and surrounding areas in the province of Alberta.