Monitoring Request

New candidate expectations:

  • Abide by the Resuscitation Code of Conduct when representing the HSFC at courses and events held on the HSFC’s behalf (available on the Resuscitation Training Portal)
  • Communicates organizational structure, policies, and procedures of the Resuscitation Program and integrates Resuscitation Program administrative policy and procedures into training programs.
  • Performs psychomotor resuscitation skills for BLS and/or ALS accurately and without hesitation. 
  • Integrates learning principles and learning needs for a variety of individuals of different ages, professions, capabilities, and fitness.
  •  Stays current on HSFC Resuscitation Program course content, instruction methods, and trends in resuscitation. 
  • Commits to lifelong learning 
  • Advocates and reflects the philosophy of the HSFC
  • As a standard, *co-teaching during a candidate monitoring session is not permitted.  A MONITORING retry may be warranted if the EI has to step in numerous times.

Required Course Material:

  • Lesson Plan in preparation for the MONITORING session with Experienced Instructor
  • Current Provider Manual (2020 BLS Provider manual) 
  • Own BLS USB and laptop
  • Pocket mask with one-way valve device

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